Who are you?

The Hull Babylab is a Psychology research group at the University of Hull. Together, our researchers have over 20 years of experience studying the development of infants and children. Please see here for more information about the individual members of our team.

What does participation involve?

You and your child would visit the Babylab on the University of Hull campus, Cottingham Road. Most of our studies only involve a single visit. Each overall visit lasts around 15-30 minutes, although occasionally a study may take longer.

What happens during a study?

Our studies involve playing fun games with you and your child.  These games might involve watching and listening to interesting things, or playing with different toys and objects.

These games usually last around 10 – 20 minutes, but we also allow time for your child to take a break if needed and for you to ask questions about the study. We also know how babies and toddlers can take a while to get used to a new environment, so we make sure we factor in this time into our studies.

All out studies receive ethical approval, and you are free to withdraw from a study at any time. Your child will be with you throughout the study.

What if my child does not want to participate on the day?

We try to make all of our studies as enjoyable as possible for our infant and child participants. However, we understand that there might be reasons why your child may not feel like participating on the day of the visit. If it does not work out on the day, it is often possible to rearrange participation at a later date.

What information will you collect during the study?

During your visit, we will make a video recording of your child’s participation. The recording helps us to analyse your child’s behaviour after the study has finished. For example, we work out what pictures your child looked at, and how long they looked at them. All video recordings are anonymous and stored in a secure location. Depending on the study, we may also ask you to fill in some questionnaires.

For each individual study, our researchers will explain to you the purpose of the study and the nature of the data that we are collecting.

Can I find out if my child is developing normally from your studies?

Our studies are not diagnostic of individual development. Rather, we study groups of children to understand general patterns of development. We are interested in all the different behaviours that babies and toddlers might display, and we are not looking for “correct responses”.

How will information about my child be stored?

All of the information collected during a study is stored on a password-protected computer in a secure location at the University. This information is only disclosed to registered researchers. If you wish for us to remove your child’s data from a particular study, you can do so.

Will we be compensated for our time?

Yes. All children receive a small gift, such as a certificate and sticker. We may also be able to provide a recording of your child’s participation. We are currently able to cover travel expenses up to £5 per visit. If you are coming by car we can provide free parking on campus – please ask when arranging your visit.

What facilities are available at the Babylab?

At the Hull Babylab, there are toilets nearby, including baby changing facilities. There is also a lift which gives step-free access as well as storage space for prams, buggies or strollers.